Thank you for a successful showcase

We were very happy to help many young athletes get their performance noticed! What a great weekend!



Our Video Packages


One game video highlights focused on a single player in the tournament.  

We send you the file which can be edited allowing you to produce your own highlight tape.


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All-Star Highlights

For a single player we will record 3 games in the tournament. 

You pick your best plays and we will do the editing putting your highlight reel together.

Price per player


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"The Team"

This is the best team value. For roughly $75 per player we will send everyone files of the games shot with our specialized Hi-pod camera giving you the best angle of the game. 

Allowing you to have your footage that you can edit and put your tape together. 


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GST not included in the prices shown

The "Ultimate"

These are the recruiting videos on our website wish have received great  reviews. Iso footage of the player and a sit down interview. A full production that includes graphics, teleprompter and a script put together by our production team in collaboration with the player. 

You pick your highlights we produce your finished product.


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Telling Stories is What We Do

Award-winning television broadcaster Perry Solkowski leads a team of talented professionals who excel at what they do.

Perry Solkowski Media first opened its doors in 2016 and began producing videos with impeccable quality just like he had for 20 years in Canadian Television.

Noticing a need to help showcase amateur athletes, the PS Media team is now bringing their experience to help make local stars into superstars.

PS Media creates outstanding content that will get you noticed.

Perry Solkowski Vancouver Media


"We highly recommend PSMedia! They are very professional and did an amazing job for our son's video! Our son sent out his video to a few school's and had immediate responses. Everyone that has seen the video were very impressed!"

Natalie Mijaljevic

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